Pax Christi International Statement about Sout Sudan: A new nation is born

On 9th July 2011, the community of nations will welcome the Republic of South Sudan as its newest member. After decades of war and bitter suffering, self-determination and independence for the southern Sudanese people are at last within reach. Many thousands of men and women have died in the hope of seeing this day. Their memories will be esteemed by the people of South Sudan for generations to come.

For many years, Pax Christi International has endeavoured to accompany the Sudanese people in their struggle to attain a just and sustainable peace for their country. We heartily commend them for the peaceful conduct of the referendum that has led to this historic moment. We greet them this day with joy and in the spirit of solidarity.
However, our joy is tempered by the tragic events presently unfolding in Southern Kordofan. We call upon the Khartoum government to cease immediately all military operations in the area around the Nuba Mountains, to fully respect and implement the Two Areas Agreement and to seek a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the conflict. Acting in the spirit of this Agreement will prevent a similar tragedy occurring in Blue Nile.

We urge all parties to do everything in their power to ensure the way forward toward peace, security and good relations. This includes the respect and protection of the ethnic, cultural and religious identity of the Nuba people.

Humanitarian organisations must have free access to regions that have been affected by the fighting. We urge all parties to ensure this access immediately.

Born from courage, tenacity and hope, the new Republic of South Sudan faces many challenges. Pax Christi International assures the people of South Sudan of our prayers, continued solidarity and best wishes for the road ahead.

Marie Dennis

Co-President Pax Christi International

Msgr. Kevin Dowling

Co-President Pax Christi International

Download: 2011-0350-en-af-JW.pdf

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